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"I may not help you right now, but it may help future you. If it can help someone, it's worth it." 

 - Coach Ingles 


Coach David Ingles has been married to his beautiful wife Pamela for 24 years.  Their daughter Marleigh is eleven years old and is in 6th grade.

David is a graduate of Lakeview High School in Lakeview, Michigan.  He played college basketball at Cornerstone University and is a graduate of Central Michigan University.  He has over 22 years of 

basketball coaching experience at both the high school and college level.

He is currently the Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach at Kent City High School.  He just finished his third season at Kent City and in that time he has accumulated 50 wins and two Conference Championships.


"They know it's an uphill climb, and there will be good and bad days to come"

  - MLive 

"Now, he's using the success as a springboard to tell his story [...] he wants to help others who are in the same position he was"

     - WoodTV8 

"Suddenly Ingles was no longer alone, and that made a very big difference"

 - Local Sports Journal 

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